Rice Production and Water Use
What is one of the most water efficient crops grown in California? In a state where water use is an issue on many people's minds that answer may surprise you. The answer is rice.

Contrary to popular belief, rice farmers take exceptional care of this important resource. Rice takes only 25 gallons of water to produce one serving. This is almost half of what cantaloupes and a third of what almonds require.

True, growing rice used to be very inefficient in term of water use. Technological advances in the past 30 years have reduced the amount needed by nearly 40%. In addition, the farmers and others in the industry have produced short stature varieties. The plants grow half as tall and produce very high yields. The result is much lower water use.

While saving water is undoubtedly a main concern, protecting the quality of our water may be even more important. Every day, California's increasing urban centers and expanding industrial uses put more and more pressure on the quality of our water.

In the last 20 years California rice farmers have been pioneering new technologies that enhance the quality of our water as it runs from the farms downstream to our cities. The rice industry was one of the first to monitor pesticide use in agriculture and work to reduce and in the case of Polit Farms, ultimately eliminate then from our farms.

Polit Farms is proud of our role in California water conservation and our commitment to sustainable agriculture. We hope you will enjoy our rice and rice products.
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